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Student Job - Business Analyst

What should IT Optimiser’s positioning strategy be in our market between SAP Specialists and clients? What are the conditions that influence the success, satisfaction and choices of high-skilled SAP Specialists? These are the questions we would like you to help us answer. If the future of work is being transformed due to disruption from digitalization and the platform economy and if traditional employment is being disrupted by freelancing and project-based work, we feel that these questions are crucial. Not just for our company, but for the future of work too.  

Are you interested in any of the following theories, then this job could be for you: 
Organisational Behaviour & Strategy, Innovation Management, The Platform Economy, Theory of the Firm, Data-Driven Decision Making, WOM Marketing & Network Value. 

Who are you? You are a positive person, with good communication skills and a desire to learn and improve. We are looking for a proactive student with tenacity and drive. Your main focus will be to conduct data-driven business analyses and find solutions to improve our value propositions to our freelance consultants within the SAP industry. It is important that you speak and understand Danish. Starting in February 2019, you will follow the work of our current student worker (i.e. one day a week), and by June you will be able to do the job yourself (10-15 hours of work). 

There are multiple approaches to finding solutions so whether you are in the second half of your Bachelor (BSc, HA) or studying a Cand. Merc (i.e., Innovation Management, Business Intelligence, SOL, ITKO, or Marketing) contact us to find out more about what your approach could be. 

Who are we?  You will be joining a company experiencing year-on-year growth. IT Optimiser is a preferred partner for clients looking for SAP specialists.

What do we offer?

  • Experience with business development relevant to your specific education
  • Developing competencies, you can draw on for your studies and future career
  • Insight into management, the future of work and the platform economy
  • Growing your network in a leading IT market
  • A good, flexible work environment, a fun and diverse team, and favorable terms

Contact Bo Telén Andersen at +45 5363 5333 or 



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