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We could be very elaborate and articulate on our exceptional service. But we prefer to focus on the essential instead: Your organization needs the best SAP® talents available. IT Optimiser will provide “A Better Match” within 24 hours. We listen, identify your needs and carry out our shortlisting based on exactly that. Since the beginning we have helped companies finding competente freelance consultants. Now we also help clients find just as competente SAP®-specialists for permanent positions. We have a competente network of SAP® specialists in our Home of SAP® Specialists. 

Specialists in SAP® Recruitment

The best SAP® specialists and leaders are must-haves in today’s competitive market. At IT Optimiser, we specialize in discovering, attracting and selecting the best talents working with SAP® for our local and global clients. Our business distinguishes itself through our longstanding relations with clients and consultants, which are maintained by the expertise, trust and flexibility of our team.
We are devoted to competencies and we dare say that we are experts in SAP®-recruitment, with more than 30 years of industry experience.
We have a proven track record in satisfying clients when recruiting specialists, process consultants, solution architects, project managers, leaders, management consultants and C-level positions for distinguished Danish and foreign organizations.

Strategic partner

At IT Optimiser we are not just a supplier but a strategic partner. Transparency in our processes, along with our ability to consistently deliver high quality and professional counsel, are therefore extremely important to us. The customer experience is at the center of our attention and our cooperation with clients is built on reliable, confidence-inspiring communication, along with a crystal-clear focus in producing client satisfaction and quality in every aspect of our business.
IT Optimiser prides itself in skillful employer branding and in its role as a client ambassador. We select our clients with precision to ensure that we are aligned with their employer brand and are thus committed to being worthy representatives.

A Better Match

We are sincerely passionate about what we do and we use insights to deliver results. Our mission is to create value for both our clients and candidates by delivering the better match – between our client’s needs and standards, and our candidate’s competencies, personality and specialty – in every project we take.
We promise to always deliver A Better Match. In other words, the selection and track record of our candidates will ensure that they can deliver results, perform to expectations and fit seamlessly into your company’s culture.
As a prerequisite to the above, we engage in meaningful dialogue to address the profiles of your business, the desired candidate and the job. Understanding your business goals, strategy and organization, along with your unique selling points, is important to us.

Local roots with a strong global reach

IT Optimiser has a comprehensive reach, both locally and globally. With our robust performance, supported by our extensive, hand-picked network of skilled and loyal partners, we believe we have a strong platform to deliver your next choice of a new SAP® strategic partner.


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