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We care about talent

We dare say that we are experts within recruitment of SAP® specialists – this is due to our wealth of experience. Combined, we have more than 30 years of experience in screening and recruitment of the best SAP® specialists.

We focus on the essentials, like making “A Better Match”. In order to provide this, we have built up our network of SAP® professionals to be acute, loyal and individually shortlisted. Our network is local and global.

How can we assist you?

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When you are looking for cutting edge talent

We could be very elaborate and articulate on our exceptional service, but we prefer to focus on the essential instead. Your organisation needs the best SAP® talents available, so we will provide “A Better Match” within 24 hours.

We listen, identify your needs and carry out our shortlisting based on exactly that.

Since the beginning we have helped companies find highly competent freelance SAP® specialists, and along the way we also started helping clients find just as competent SAP® specialists for permanent positions. We have a capable network of specialists within all branches of SAP®.

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We can do more than just spell the word

“Is it a Self-Avoiding Polygon?” or “Seabirds Advisory Panel”….. Well SAP® may have many meanings. At IT Optimiser we do know what SAP® is and we have a dedicated focus in finding interesting SAP® opportunities across Europe as well as the rest of the world. We provide both freelance and permanent opportunities. Give us a call – we might have your next job or contract opportunity.


We would love to hear from you.

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Simon Ravndrup

Consultant, Sales

Henrik Loft Kølbæk

Consultant, Sales

Elena De Gaudio

Partner, Recruitment & Sales

Daniel Østermark

Partner, CFO

Michael Hoé

Partner, Recruitment & Sales

Anne Niklasson

Senior Specialist, Recruitment

Andra Chiriac

Senior Specialist, Recruitment

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