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Should SAP® freelancers in Denmark use brokers? How many brokers should a freelancer in Denmark actively keep in touch with? Generally – “what is the best broker strategy for you as an SAP® freelancer in Denmark?”. Based on a recent study’s high-quality data obtained directly from active SAP® freelancers in the Danish market performed by Kevin S. Billington (­/kevinsbillington/) in collaboration with IT Optimiser and Aarhus University, insights to this question will be outlined.

Those who do not actively seek broker relations we’re found to be the least successful freelancers in Denmark. It is therefore, rather apparent that brokers facilitate career success for freelancers in Denmark. Having an active relationship with one or two brokers vastly increases the career success of an freelancer in Denmark. Increasing the number of brokers a freelancer actively keeps in touch with does not increase career success further and requires additional time spent, which can be better placed on other drivers of freelance career success (Drivers of Freelance Career Success article can be found here).

It is found that those SAP® freelancers in Denmark who communicate with their preferred broker(s) more than once a month achieve higher levels of career success, than those who never or rarely communicate with brokers.

It is therefore, important for SAP® freelancers in Denmark to establish a strong relation with at least one broker and to actively communicate with this broker – so give your preferred broker a call!

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