Vores Consultant Relations Analyst Kevin S. Billington har skrevet denne artikel om freelancemarkedets efterspørgselstendenser indenfor SAP®. Artiklen er skrevet på engelsk.

Vores Consultant Relations Analyst, Kevin S. Billington, har skrevet denne artikel om freelance market demand trends indenfor SAP®. Artiklen er skrevet på engelsk.

At IT Optimiser we believe that we can, and should, support Danish IT SAP® freelancers ­­­– but how exactly can we do that?

Besides from our exceptional services we obtain a large amount of data that, through thorough analysis, can provide us with a deeper understanding of the Danish IT SAP® freelance market. This information is not only valuable for us – it is valuable for freelancers as well. Therefore, we would like to share this information with you.

Being aware of the market trends enables you to plan and predict when you have the best chances of landing a new contract. Perhaps you have been uncertain whether it is most advantageous to end a contract in June or August regarding your possibilities of acquiring a new one?

It is exactly these market trends that our data can reveal. The data is based on job requests for IT SAP® freelancers in Denmark over the past 6 years. 

The graph explained

The graph showed is based on IT Optimiser’s data of monthly received job requests for IT SAP® Freelancers from 2013 to 2018 (in percentages). Hence, the graph depicts the average monthly demand of Danish IT SAP® freelancers on a yearly basis.

As the graph illustrates the demand for IT SAP® freelancers is highest in November and June while, reversely, demand is lowest in July and August. As such, these months represent the best and worst periods for acquiring a new contract. The demand for the remaining months is of low difference, however, it should be mentioned that demand in September and October is slightly higher.

Based on our data we recommend IT SAP® freelancers to avoid being out of contract in July and August, as the demand in these two months is significantly lower than it is in any other month. Likewise, the demand is significantly higher in November which, for this reason, is the recommended month for acquiring a new contract. Besides these specific periods, the demand remains rather stable in the market, though Q2 and Q4 offer slightly higher demand. As a general notion it is recommended to attempt re-contracting in November, June, October or September to have the best possibilities of acquiring a new contract.

If you have any questions regarding the freelance market demand trends, or if you are looking for a new contract, do not hesitate to contact us.

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